FAQ  FireGPG is discontinued. Please read details here.

I have a problem on MacOS

We know there is problems on MacOS, but as we haven't any Mac, this platform isn't officially supported yet (unless someone send us a free Mac (Intel arch.) :) ). If Firefox hang when you try to use FireGPG or use option, it's probably because you haven't set a correct gnupg's path. Use about:config and edit the string extensions.firegpg.gpg_path to set it.

Firefox hang or crash

This happend sometimes, we don't know why. It's related to the IPC library, but I cannot reproduce the problem yet.

FireGPG dosen't works with FireFTP

It's a know problem, and we're waiting on FireFTP's authors to fix it: they're using an outdated version of the IPC library.

FireGPG can't find GnuPG

FireGPG dosen't contain GnuPG when you install it, you must install GnuPG by yourself. Check documentation to download GnuPG.

FireGPG collect stats about versions installed !

Yes. Everything is anonymous, we only collect version installed and previous version of the installation. Please read this : http://blog.getfiregpg.org/2008/07/07/about-stats/ Notice there isn't anymore stats about the XpCom because it is used everytime.

I want to use FireGPG with Portable Firefox

It's possible, just set options and folders like this screenshot: http://blog.getfiregpg.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/mwhaha.pngThere is a good howto here : http://www.acc.umu.se/~mattias/I_I_HOWTO_Portable_webm.html/

FireGPG make false inline signature !

Yes, sometime there is problem. Use OpenPGP/Mime, it's better and always works.

What is a key / a signature / how I use FireGPG to encrypt/sign something ?

Check documentation to read basic information about hows GnuPG works. FireGPG is only an interface, the base is excactly the same.